I'm ready to explore this new world

I started From Kioni in late 2020 amidst the pandemic. Given the limitations of in-person interactions, the extroverted side of me sought connection. My dream was to take my creative skills and reach a wide audience, sharing my love for art in a meaningful way. Thanks to all of you, my dream became a reality.

In mid-2022, an unexpected event altered my course -my father passed away. It brought about numerous life changes and pushed me to make decisions I never thought I would. My father, a man of few words but full of action, emphasized being present with those around you, always moving forward even when things get hard. This reignited my desire for in-person connections and a sense of wanderlust.

Although I cherished my time with From Kioni, it gradually felt like my in-person connections began to take a backseat in my life, while devoting much of my time to being online and often alone at home. I’ve struggled with the idea of leaving From Kioni behind because of the happiness you all have brought me these past couple of years. However, I think I’m finally ready to follow my father’s philosophy and move forward in our new, post-pandemic world.

Big thanks for being a part of this journey! Connecting with you all worldwide has been amazing, and I’ll forever cherish it. As a farewell, From Kioni’s having a closing sale -perfect for new and loyal customers to stock up. The next chapter is unknown, but I’m ready to explore this new world.

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