About Us


About From Kioni

From Kioni is an e-commerce business based in Orange County, California that sells curated stationery, stickers, and prints with one-of-a-kind charm and style. As a company, our goal is to offer products that bring joy to the lives of each and every one of our customers—in both the aesthetic and emotional sense. All of our products feature original artwork and designs lovingly created by our team of talented POC artists, and we are proud to utilize eco-conscious and plastic-free packaging with our creations whenever possible. Keep scrolling to learn more about From Kioni’s values, as well as some of the members of our team.

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Our Values

From Kioni’s values include those of original artwork; diversity and social justice; environmentalism; transparency; and learning, teaching, and education.


 Meet Our Team

From Kioni About Us Founder and Alter Ego Kortney

Founder & Artist


Since a young age, Kortney has always had an affinity for art, whether that art be in the traditional or digital form. One of her fondest memories of childhood is of her lovingly creating individual Valentine’s Day cards and hand-written notes for every student in her 2nd grade class.

Kortney’s interest in art began to evolve in high school when she was gifted a Canon camera by her aunt. After receiving this life-changing gift, she discovered her passion for photography and started her first business (whilst still being a high school student!): Photos With Kortney; a wedding and portrait photography business.

After graduating from high school, Kortney went on to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied and obtained a degree in art. During her studies at UCSB, she learned the crafts of print-making, paper-making, and book-making.

In her own words, Kortney describes her art as “finding the beauty and humor in the mundane.” In addition to drawing inspiration from her various experiences in life, she often finds inspiration during her morning walks, her visits to thrift stores, and—interestingly enough—her showers: one of the few moments where she can truly appreciate clarity of mind free from distraction.

With her previous experience starting and running a business, her inclination towards entrepreneurship, and her love for both traditional and digital art, Kortney dreamt up the idea of founding a business like From Kioni. She is grateful to all of From Kioni’s supporters and customers for giving her the opportunity to pursue her various passions whilst utilizing her degree.


From Kioni About Us Founder and Alter Ego Kortney

Alter Ego Artist


Christine is currently a university student at UCI studying social psychology. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a master’s degree with the aim of one day becoming a marriage and family therapist.

Christine joined From Kioni because her original career aspiration was to become an illustrator, and she feels that being a part of From Kioni allows her to “dip her toes” into an alternate universe in which she chose to fully commit to pursuing art. She also just simply enjoys working with a small team of supportive artists, and finds it really fun to engage in what she has always loved: drawing.

Christine’s art-style is inspired by the type of doodles that she draws on her school notes. She wants her art to remain “natural”-looking, and enjoys the imperfect look of coloring. She believes that her style is definitely on the “cutesy” side, and states that her art reflects the aesthetic of her bedroom, from which she perhaps subconsciously draws inspiration.

During her free time, Christine enjoys gaming (mainly Valorant and League of Legends), and she also enjoys watching Netflix, anime, and lifestyle YouTube videos. Some of Christine’s other hobbies include writing, reading, and making coffee.


Alter Ego Artist

Huney Pika Press

Jaclyn is currently a university student from CSUF studying biology! She joined From Kioni as a way to discover new creative outlets, and believes that being a part of From Kioni is a great opportunity for her to more extensively explore digital art, whilst learning how to work and collaborate with others as she creates things that will bring people nothing but the utmost joy.

Jaclyn describes her art-style as “fluid,” as she loves to explore many different ways of drawing things. She usually doesn’t stick to just one particular style, though portraits are her favorite artform.

Outside of the time she spends drawing and completing schoolwork, Jaclyn loves baking cookies and watching movies and tv. Lately she has been really enjoying Marvel movies. She has a small collection of monkey keychains that she loves and adores dearly! They love her back (she thinks).